Oo Ang isang Pilipino ay maaaring magpakasal sa isang dayuhan o isang mamamayan ng Hong Kong sa Hong Kong

Where may I get married in Hong Kong?

The question is about wedding venue. You may choose to celebrate your marriage:

  • a licensed place of public worship, a church hall is most common
  • marriage registries, Government
  • other place in Hong Kong through the marriage service provided by a civil celebrant of marriage.

May Filipino working as foreign domestic helpers get married in Hong Kong?

Yes. A Filipino may marry a foreigner or a Hong Kong citizen in Hong Kong. Document required: Philippine passports Hong Kong identity card, if any Married Filipino seeking to use the marriage license may obtain notarisation service from a notary public in Hong Kong.

May foreigners get married in Hong Kong?

Foreigners or visitors can legally marry in Hong Kong.

A longer time is preferred if you file the marriage notice from overseas probably 2 to 3 months. Civil Celebrants may celebrate legal marriages at law offices and issue marriage certificate with legal effect same as issued by the Marriage Registry, Hong Kong Government.

How do I register my marriage in Hong Kong?

You should give notice of your intended marriage to the marriage registries either directly or through a civil celebrant of marriages before your wedding. If you choose a civil celebrant of marriages who is a practising solicitor, you may make an appointment with him/her. The civil celebrant will provide you a full service from giving the notice of your intended marriage to the marriage registries and issue a marriage certificate/licence to you through a wedding service.

Simple steps to marry in Hong Kong

Simple steps to marry in Hong Kong

There are 4 steps to get married in Hong Kong:

  • Step 1: Set an appointment for your Notice of Intended Marriage. Do it yourself at the Marriage Registry, Government or through the professional service of a civil celebrant of marriages.
  • Step 2: Go to the appointment with the required documents, passports, Hong Kong identity cards, divorce papers
  • Step 3: Obtain a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages which is a "permit" giving you green light to go through a wedding
  • Step 4: Find a place to get married and get married on your "Big Day". You will get your marriage license immediately.